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Felix Road adventure playground is part of Eastside Community Trust. Opened fifty years ago, it still remains a unique and important place for people of all ages to connect. It provides a safe haven, where children can come and go as they choose and explore adventurous play, ensuring a legacy long into the future. Children are encouraged to control their own play and be able to enjoy their freedom to grow.

When I was a child, Felix Road was my safe haven where I was free to experiment, take risks and grow. With these happy memories of enjoying a happy childhood, I was able to collate these memories into my book Cutie.

With the sale of every book, I donate a percentage to my charity, Felix Road adventure playground. Below are a few images of where my story began.

During my research, I came across this amazing video which was made in 1974 by Bristol University. With their kind permission, I used stills from the video for the cover of my book. This film made the case for committed funding for Adventure Play back in the 70s.

Prior to its current use, Felix Road was once the north coal yard of former Easton Colliery, which stood on the site between 1824-1912 and was later used as a stone yard for Cowlins Ltd between 1913-1963.

Felix@50 what an amazing day. Over 600 visitors walked through the gates of the Adventure Playground. I was able to meet new people who support this amazing, free play space and connect with my old friends whom I played with me in back 1972. Shy at first they took centre stage and shared some of their own memories. We captured the special moments with one of the original play-workers. Well done to all the staff and Easton Community Trust for celebrating the birthday of the “vench”.

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