Ten years after the Second World war, England is broken and labour shortages threaten its recovery. The UK government reaches out to the West Indies. Thousands of men, women and children arrive during the 1950s. They are known as the ‘Windrush’ generation.

A chance meeting in Derbyshire changes the lives of Vincent and Agatha. They marry and build a new life which is a far cry from their native country of Jamaica. With better job opportunities in Bristol, they move to the inner city and raise six children.

Cutie is their youngest child. She is a free-spirited, headstrong tomboy with an innate passion for nature and the outdoors. Cutie finds solace in her favourite play space and shares a summer of unimaginable adventures there with her best friends Paulette, Ranjit and Norman.

The 1980s sees the political uprising of the inner cities across the country. A new generation is dawning. Cutie and her friends find themselves in the thick of it. Confronted with a previously forgotten, deep-rooted memory of her past, Cutie is desperate to keep her demons buried.

At eighteen, Cutie leaves home and enjoys her newfound freedom. Then, a life-altering incident stops her in her tracks. A year later, a chance encounter with a man changes everything forever.

Cutie and her sister, Veronica reluctantly pose for a picture.

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