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Hello and welcome to my website!

Beverley Douglas

My name is Beverley Douglas.

I am an author married to Richard. We live between the UK and Gozo, Malta where I continue to write.

I was born in Bristol in 1964, to Jamaican parents and grew up in a loving home with my older siblings. I was five years old when my family moved to Easton, and we remained in the same house for over forty years.

I attended the local school but education was never my strong point. However, I did manage to pass my O’ levels at college. Whilst studying, I had many casual jobs and continued to work hard which paid off.

In 1983 I joined Avon and Somerset Police as a Special Constable. Five years later I joined the Regulars. I worked on the front line for several years and I became a tutor constable and mentor. I was also a district trainer and assessor as well as a first response officer, which enabled me to deal with serious assaults.

I was an active member of the police staff associations and was involved in working with Bristol City Council and many community projects.

My last posting was school beat manager at Fairfield High school, a job which I loved because it was extremely rewarding.

After more than three decades of an enjoyable, sometimes challenging career, I retired in 2017.